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Lost nylon string guitar in soft case

Missing in Northern trains service from Liverpool LS to Wigan NW (or maybe the Chester to Liverpool train?) on 2nd December 2023

Instrument Details

Unique Markings
covered in stickers, one of the stickers says
Serial Number

How the instrument was lost

I was quite sleepy on the train. I noticed When I got to the bus station in Wigan, I noticed that my guitar wasn’t with me! I thought I’d left it on the train, so I ran back. I spoke to the station supervisor who asked her colleague to check at Preston. They couldn’t see the guitar. The train might have gone straight back to Liverpool though, I’m not sure. Since then I have tried Northern Lost Porperty several times. They have been very helpful, but the guitar has not shown up. I have reported it with all the other lost property departments, but no luck.

I think it must be in the Liverpool area, or in Wigan.


Nylon Sting guitar with pickup. Angel Lopez. Lots of stickers such as “climate jobs not climate chaos”, “Cerys Hafana didn’t kill Nancy Rickards” and “Worldwide Welshman”. The bridge has been repaired.
It was in a large, soft, black guitar case. There is damage on the case. Foam coming out because the seams have split.
There is a zoom recorded in the main pocket, and a book of Welsh folk songs. The other pocket contains musician’s ear plugs, capos, card reader, spare strings.