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Army Drum Stick Bag with Drum sticks, brishes, hot rods inside

Missing in Romford on 25th May 2023

Instrument Details

Green, Brown, Yellow
Unique Markings
Serial Number

How the instrument was lost

I did a drum less at this parents home I took out the stick bag the parent said they saw me take it out with me and put it in the car. I went straight to a dj booking at Simmons Bar Greek Street in Soho that was from 7pm til 12am after that I went to Ronnie Scotts, when i got home at roughly 2am, when I was unloading the car that’s when I realised i could not find the stick bag, i asked the parent, called the venues I was at none of them said they can find it.


Army stick bag, with drum sticks, hot rods, brushes, in the pocket it has cymbla flets , a few hi hat clutches and assesoriies inside