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Lost violin bow by M.F.Wieckowski

Missing in Southern train going from Gatwick to Victoria on 21st June 2024

Instrument Details

Varnish is brown orange in colour
Unique Markings
Engraved name of the maker "M.F.Wieckowski". In a bow tube case branded Hinersine.
Serial Number

How the instrument was lost

Train Journey


It is a Polish violin bow made by M.F.Wieckowski. The description is as follows:
• Length: 74cm
• Weight: 61.5g
• The stamp of the maker is present on the left side
• The Frog, ferrule and button are silver mounted
• The frog has round mother of pearl eyes fitted on both sides.
• The slide is made of mother of pearl.
• The stick is coated with a light red-brown varnish.